Combat your sleep problems: A Guide for Veterans

Joanna Sosnowska 3 minutes read

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Nightmares are a very common phenomenon. For some they are simply a nuisance, but for others, they make something as basic as sleeping a nightly dread. For veterans who have witnessed some of the most gruesome things in combat, bad memories cause a lot of problems when trying to go to sleep, and unfortunately usually trigger nightmares. As of 2017, there are about twenty million American veterans (National Center of Veterans Analysis and Statistics), 51 percent of whom experience nightmares as a result of the tragic events they’ve been around. In many cases, the nightmares become chronic and negatively affect all aspects of their lives, often resulting in depression or worse.

Nightmares after deployment

There are numerous challenges to sleep in the deployed area, including traveling across multiple time zones, inhospitable sleeping conditions or constant combat exposure. The threat of injury or death is always just around the corner. This requires a constant state of heightened vigilance. These factors contribute to difficulties sleeping, including insomnia and nightmares. To fully understand the extent of the problem, more than two million service members have been deployed to combat areas in response to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 13 years.

Nightmares are a cardinal symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which is often a consequence of experiencing a terrifying event. It’s no surprise that our soldiers belong to one of the groups most affected by PTSD, often experiencing other symptoms such as flashbacks, severe anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts about the events they’ve witnessed.

Seek help for nightmares and other sleep issues

Despite having these severe sleep issues, many veterans refuse to seek help. Some don’t want to show weakness, others don’t believe there’s help out there and are afraid of pharmaceuticals and their side effects. Whatever the reason, neglecting these symptoms can be dangerous, if not deadly. Many sleep disorders affect our lives to such a degree that they often turn into depression and may lead to suicide attempts.

But there are many ways to help get a good night’s sleep without medication. From the most obvious like observing good sleep hygiene to reaching for digital health solutions, many have been turning to these kinds of pharma-free remedies.

Non-pharma ways to help with your sleep

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Our Nightly technology represents the latter approach. Nightly uses AI-based algorithms to monitor your sleep phase and quality, detect critical moments during the night and react with scientifically-designed audio to help you maintain healthy, undisturbed sleep. It also features other functions that help create a healthy sleep habit and get the most out of your rest.

Get help for PTSD

No reason is ever good enough to refuse to seek help for PTSD. This eventually can become life-threatening not only to yourself, but to your loved ones as well. It is critical to find professional help as soon as possible and never ignore any of the symptoms especially if they persist for an extended period of time.

As veterans, you have fought for your country, and have made a tremendous sacrifice for not only your loved ones, but for complete strangers. You deserve to get help and to not have to dread things as basic as sleep. While you are so strong, it is okay to reach out to others for help. Always remember that millions of veterans just like you are going through it as well. You are never alone in this fight.

Nightly Supports Veterans

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