Researched and developed to help you sleep soundly

From sleep labs to your bedroom


Nightly combines over 25 years of scientific knowledge on sleep and implements it with advanced AI-based algorithms to provide an easy-to-use solution to your sleep problems.

Sleep Stimulation technology

Our Sleep Stimulation technology is a combination of two factors: audio-visual stimuli and advanced AI algorithms.

For years, researchers have studied the positive impact of images and sound on our health, mood, and general well-being. Various studies showed that music may be used to improve subjective sleep quality in insomnia [1]Jespersen, K.V., Koenig, J., Jennum, P., Vuust, P. (2015). Music for insomnia in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 8. Art. No.: CD010459., induce cardiovascular changes and treat conditions of stress [2]Mockel, M., Rocker, L., Stork, T., Vollert, J., Danne, O., Eichstadt, H., Muller, R., & Hochrein, H. (1994). Immediate physiological responses of healthy volunteers to different types of music: Cardiovascular, hormonal and mental changes. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 68, 451-459., and reduce sleep problems [3]Harmat, L., Takács, J., Bódizs, R. (2008). Music improves sleep quality in students. J Adv Nurs. 2008 May;62(3):327-35.
. These are just three of many more studies that laid the groundwork for Nightly. But this is only one part of our solution.

The key to Nightly’s technology is advanced sleep monitoring. This is a precise assessment of your sleep stages made possible by our proprietary AI-based algorithms and the processing power harnessed in today’s smartphones. As a result, the app is able to quite accurately identify your sleep architecture in real time and actively impact your mood during moments when you’re most vulnerable to sleep disturbances. With our algorithms, we’ve transferred years of lab research into a revolutionary mobile app right on your phone.

Safe and sound

When creating Nightly, we first and foremost focused on your comfort and safety. That’s why we chose to avoid any wearable that may be uncomfortable at a time when you need to be relaxed. We decided to tap into the already existing powerful and tested technology that nowadays is also virtually ubiquitous – smartphones. Today’s smartphones possess the processing power that goes mostly unused. We decided to employ it to help you get the most out of your nightly rest.

Placed in the corner of your bed, the phone registers the patterns of your movements and analyzes them with AI-powered algorithms to identify sleep stages in real time. Then, if needed, it stimulates your sleep with specially designed soothing sounds. It works in Airplane Mode and doesn’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other network.

Nightly is safe to help keep your nights safe and sound.

Works in airplane mode

No Wi-Fi needed

No Bluetooth required

Secured data

Advanced monitoring: detects & reacts

Advanced sleep monitoring is the key to Nightly. Our AI-powered algorithm that makes it possible was created based on data collected during a 30-night sleep lab study that determined how to recognize critical moments in people’s sleep. These are the moments when we’re vulnerable to a sleep disturbance. In our tests, Nightly has been able to recognize these moments with similar results to a polysomnograph, detecting sleep phases with 80% accuracy. Making your phone possess this crucial skill enables us to actively help you while you’re sleeping.

From healthy sleep to healthy living

Sleep helps reduce stress

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces elevated levels of stress hormones. A good night’s sleep can prevent this.

Sleep boosts your energy

Not enough sleep is a major energy drain. Regular bedtime schedule will help you set your internal clock and let your body know when to regenerate and when to work.

Sleep can improve your memory

Sleep is not only the time for your body to regenerate. Scientists believe that it’s also the period for your brain to store and organize your memories.

Sleep helps your overall health

A full night’s rest promotes muscle repair and healing throughout the body, and among others, it supports a strong, healthy immune system.

Alleviate your sleep problems with our revolutionary AI-based technology