Proven & safe: theory behind the Nightly

Our technique is based on research revealing that meaningful, external stimuli can be incorporated into dream content [1, 2]. In case of nightmares, usage of a positive stimuli can change the dream content and improve patient’s quality of sleep.
All you have to do is choose one of our carefully developed video themes. Video with positive tone stimuli is played before sleep, and then, at night the app plays specific sounds at specific moments of your sleep so that your brain does not create nightmares.

[1] Rahimi, Sadegh et al. Sophisticated evaluation of possible effect of distinct auditory stimulation during REM sleep on dream content, International Journal of Dream Research;Oct2015, Vol. 8 Issue 2, 146.
[2] Dement, W., & Wolpert, E. A. (1958). The relation of eye movements, body motility, and external stimuli to dream content. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 55, 543-553.