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Nightly is a complete sleep assistant with AI-based algorithms that help create a calming environment for your sleep. The technology is specifically geared toward getting rid of nightmares and actively detects critical moments in the night to react with soothing audio to help you get a good night’s rest.

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Nightly for Veterans

Since one of the groups most affected by nightmares are veterans suffering from PTSD, we’ve decided to help them in their struggle with healthy sleep.
That’s why starting on Veteran’s Day (November 11th), we’re offering all U.S. veterans and active servicemen and women suffering from PTSD a free 3-month access to our app. In our studies, Nightly reduced the occurrence of bad dreams in 89.4% of individuals tested. We feel that with such results, our app can significantly improve the lives of the ones who have sacrificed so much.

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