Scientifically-backed app developed to improve your sleep

Quality sleep can be a challenge if you suffer from PTSD or simply have nightmares. After 3-year research, we developed the app, that helps you create a calming sleep environment.

Track your sleep efficiency

Nightly helps you track and understand your night by giving you an overview of factors that influence your sleep

Get personalized insights

Nightly provides you with personalized insights on your sleep and tips on how to make it even more efficient

Build a healthly sleep habit

With time, Nightly will assess your sleep habit. This will enable you to track your sleeping pattern and improve your rest in the long term

Your complete smart sleep assistant

The app assists you from the moment you go to bed to the time you’re woken up. Nightly’s algorithms monitor the phase and quality of sleep and then respond with calming sounds at moments of detected restlessness or bad dreams.

The study behind Nightly

Nightly’s unique Sleep Stimulation technology is based on research which shows the positive impact of audio-visual stimulation on sleep. Our studies show, that by influencing the dream content with relaxing motives, we can reduce bad dreams by up to 85%. During our study conducted in a sleep laboratory, Sleep Stimulation reduced the number of awakenings by 55%, increasing sleep quality up to 95%.