How to get the most out of Nightly?

Joanna Sosnowska 3 minutes read

A sleep app should work for you, not the other way around. Our app doesn’t require much attention, and you can adjust it to your expectations. Check out how to get the most out of Nightly by setting it just the way you want it.

Which theme is best for you?

You can choose from 16 different audio-visual Relaxing Themes, each incorporating specially designed stimuli that help you slow down and unwind before falling asleep.

Below, you can find the mashup of our Themes to help you pick the one(s) most appealing to you. Just think of what sights and sounds you associate with peacefulness and relaxation and then find them in our Themes menu.

Marta (video artist) and Rafal (composer), or as we call them “Team Tranquility,” create all our Themes from scratch. They continuously research the most soothing images and calming sounds to ultimately create a library of Relaxing Themes broad enough to put anyone to sleep.

You can prolong the duration of the Sleep Stimulation sounds

You like our falling asleep sounds, but you can’t fall asleep within 10 minutes? That’s actually very common. That’s why you can easily adjust their duration (5 minutes to 1 hour) in “Sleep Settings.” 

You woke up in the middle of the night and are having trouble falling back asleep

Don’t worry; this happens quite a bit and usually is a sign of stress. Try to take your mind off important stuff by once again playing our soothing sounds to help lull you back to slumber.

Fall asleep easily and start your day full of energy. Sleep with Nightly tonight!

On iOS, you can find this feature at the Notification Center – you don’t even need to unlock your phone. All you need to do is use 3D Touch at the notification, and the sounds will continue playing. On older iPhones, when you see the notification – just swipe right and press “Show.” Android users will find the feature under “Sleep Settings” – “Sound duration”. 

You remember waking up in the middle of the night, but there was no audio playing

That’s absolutely normal. Nightly doesn’t play all night long – far from it. Sleep Stimulation technology was designed to limit the number of awakenings and bad dreams, therefore, it activates only in crucial moments when the probability of waking up or having a bad dream is at its highest. Usually, it is several times a night.

You can always check your sleep graph to see when and how often Sleep Stimulation was turned on.

Ten nights should do the trick

How soon the benefits of using Nightly can begin to be felt really depends on an individual, but it generally ranges from one night to about two weeks. 85 percent of our users report quality sleep after just five days. The reason it may take some time before Nightly’s effects become visible is that it may take a while for you to get accustomed to the new stimuli and incorporate them into your new sleep routine. Also, remember that it’s crucial to use Nightly every night to build this familiarity that will become the foundation of your routine.

So, if you’re not seeing immediate improvements, don’t stress and simply give it a little time. The fresh feeling every morning and the daily boost of energy and creativity are certainly worth the wait.

Follow these tips to best set Nightly to your preferences and enjoy healthy sleep. Nightly night!

Reclaim your night and start your day full of energy. Sleep with Nightly tonight