The worst nightmare. The one that made you feel weird the next day. The one you need to tell someone about. You probably remember it to this day. The. Worst. Thing. Ever. Now what would you do if you had that nightmare every single day? This is Ann’s case. Before using our app she suffered from nightmares almost every day. Since she started using Nightly, she experienced 87,1% calm nights.

Ann is a friendly 30-year-old vet working in an animal care clinic, caring for both animals and children. She has suffered from nightmares since she could remember. She had so much bad dreams, that she doesn’t want to share the stories of the stress and fatigue she experiences at night with anyone. When she was a child, nightmares tormented her a few times a week. At that time she would run to her parents’ bed screaming and crying. Both her doctors and parents tried to solve the issue, however, unsuccessfully. As she grew older, the frequency of nightmares increased. She had to deal with stressful moments in her life that we all live through: going to college, moving to a new apartment, getting the first job and changing it. They did not only increase nightmares’ repetition, but also induced a nightmare disorder.

Consequently, for the past ten years, her nights were literally a nightmare. She would wake up terrified in the middle of a night. Fear of experiencing another nightmare prevented her from going back to sleep thus her sleep turned to be too short and not efficient. Even when the nightmare didn’t wake her up, she vividly remembered it in the morning. Almost every day she would wake up scared, anxious, sweaty with a pounding heart. Intense nightmares had also a strong influence on her daily activities as she would think about them during work. She would feel not only sleepy but also depressed which would make going through everyday assignments an exhausting and challenging task. As she could only recall nightmares (and no nice dreams), she would associate sleep and night with negative emotions and experiences. That’s why she tried to tackle the problem: she meditated, learned relaxing and anti-stress techniques, did various breathing exercises before bedtime. Sadly, these practices were rarely effective and brought a relief only for a couple of days.

By coincidence, Ann heard about Nightly in June 2016 by reading an article about the app and that is why Ann applied to test it. She thought: „Nothing ever has helped me. I felt helpless but I wanted to give it another shot. This application was something new. Something different”, she said during my meeting with her. On the 2nd of July, she started using Nightly. Originally Ann was given access to the application for only two weeks. However, the results were astonishing. After 5th night of using the Nightly App, a significant decrease in a number of nightmares was observed.

„It was amazing! Not only nightmares were reduced but also I was able to fall asleep more easily. I forgot how a person can feel great in the morning. And with Nightly I started to remember it. I woke up with strength to work, to meet with people, to live”

As Ann saw Nightly’s effectiveness and how the app changed the way she sleeps, starts her morning and functions throughout the day, she asked us to let her use Nightly even though the tests were finished. It was a simple decision to be made – we saw how we are helping a person with her nightly struggles get a better night’s sleep, a better day and a better life quality.

Ann has been sleeping with Nightly for a couple of months now, having used the app during 70 nights, out of which 61 nights were calm as she did not experience nightmares. Whenever nightmares recurred, they were a cause of extreme stress as Ann explained to us. After stress reduction, nightmares occurred rarely and sporadically. Before using Nightly Ann suffered from nightmares almost every day (approximately 90% of nights). Since she started using Nightly, she experienced calm nights in 87,1% , with only 12.9%  cases of nightmares’ recurrence.