Sleep is associated with most of our vital functions. When you sleep, hormones responsible for crucial life functions, such as growth hormone, serotonin, prolactin and many others are secreted. Also memory consolidation, tissue repair, neurotoxins removal from the brain are happening when you sleep. The high quality of sleep ensures that all these activities can be fully performed. Sleep is responsible for the functionality of your blood system, immunity system and for the proper functioning of our cognitive function. So if you want to be more productive, avoid diseases and just feel better, you should make sure that you sleep well.

The National Sleep Foundation research shows that an adult person should sleep 7-9h and it changes with age. For every person however, the length of sleep is an individual matter: some people function great sleeping 7.5h and for others it would be fatal.

Sleep deficiency, in a short time frame, affects emotions – we are irritable, grumpy, risk of making a wrong decision and accident (eg. car and work injuries) is increased, memory deteriorates, we feel more stressed, our cognitive functions are far worse. In a long-term lack of sleep is extremely dangerous: it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and lowers fertility. That is why it is so important not to burn the candle at both ends.

You should pay special attention to the following signs, which may mean you are sleep deprived:

  • Most of the time you feel hungry
  • You feel more impulsive
  • You’ve gained weight
  • You have problem with your memory
  • Making decisions is a trouble for you
  • Your motor skills are slowed down
  • You feel very emotional and unstable
  • Your immune system is weak
  • Your eyes get exhausted rapidly
  • Your skin look unhealthy
  • You feel worn out and fall asleep during day

Nightly helps improve your sleep in numerous ways. First of all, it makes falling asleep easier by helping you unwind and calm down. Before falling asleep, choose and watch a relaxing theme, that you want to accompany you during your night. Relaxing before sleep improves its efficiency and boosts your mood.
Secondly, Nightly helps you stay asleep during the night and get more out of your rest. The app uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to sense your nighttime movement to assess your sleep stages. Then it uses a set of carefully designed sounds to decrease unwanted wakeups and help you manage your bad dreams. This way, your sleep becomes more restful and restorative and efficient for both your body and mind.
Nightly also features an intelligent alarm, developed to wake you up in the lightest stage of your sleep. This helps you feel better-rested and more invigorated from the moment you start your day.
Finally, Nightly lets you track your sleep and gives you an insight into its statistics, which is essential for establishing healthier habits and a better sleep routine.

All devices with iOS 10 and higher and Android 6.0 and higher.

All of the audio-visual themes are scientifically designed and tested to help you feel relaxed. Feel free to experiment. Choose the one that suits you the most.

The Nightly app unique technology tracks your personal sleep architecture and plays the scientifically designed, calming sound patterns to decrease the number of unwanted wakeups and guard you from bad dreams.

After watching a relaxing video, you’re entering the sleep mode. The ‘Sleep stimulation’ option is located at the bottom of the sleep mode screen. You can turn it off by simply swiping this option.

If you turn sleep stimulation off , no calming sound patterns will be played during the night. Those sounds are a key element of Nightly unique technology designed to improve the efficiency of your sleep. If you turn them off, the app won’t be able to decrease the number of unwanted wakeups and guard you from bad dreams. That’s why we recommend to leave the sleep stimulation on.

It may happen but be sure to place it better next time. In such case, the Nightly app is not able to detect your movement and sleep stimulation technology, as well as the intelligent alarm will not work.

Not to worry! Nightly app also works great when there are 2 people in a bed. Just be sure to place the phone next to your side.

Not really. Nightly need to measure your movement during the night in order to work correctly. It is done using accelerometers inside your smartphone. Therefore, the smartphone needs to be on your bed to accurately detect movement. Otherwise the sleep tracking and stimulation will not work properly.

Yes, because our sleep stimulation technology starts with falling asleep and continues through the night. Without it, Nightly app will not be able to measure and influence your sleep performance. Besides of that, you’re free to lock the screen or connect the phone to a charger.

It’s not obligatory, however, to prevent accidental phone switch off we recommend it.

Yes. As a matter of fact, we recommend to lock it.

We recommend the volume level of the sounds played during the night in the Nightly app to prevent your accidental awakenings. However, you can adjust it according to your needs, as the preferences are very individual.

It should not happen. If that’s the case, when setting up Nightly for the next night please lower the volume of the sounds.

This can vary slightly, depending on what problems you’re struggling with, your psychical and physical condition and motivation. During the tests, we registered the first observable results after 5 days. Yet in different environment it might as well take you just one night or up to 2 weeks.

The method that we use to improve your sleep is quite new – we are the first ones to use it successfully :). It’s based on existing knowledge and studies that have shown that appropriate sounds can facilitate falling asleep, improve sleep efficiency, help fighting insomnia and even lower blood pressure. Nightly’s team conducted a sleep lab study at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology to check the safety and accuracy of Nightly’s technology. It has proven that our method not only does not disturb, but actually adapts to your sleep architecture, improves sleep efficiency and decreases the number of wakeups during the night.

To calculate your sleep efficiency, Nightly monitors your sleep in four main areas: sleep length, regularity of sleep time, fall asleep duration and wake up duration. If you have a problem with any of them, it influences the efficiency of your rest. Sleep efficiency is a parameter that reflects how those factors influenced your rest.

The app uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to sense your nighttime movement. Based on those recordings it can assess your sleep stages and adapt to them.

Nightly is created by a team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs working closely with artists and designers, using methodology and technology based on existing knowledge and studies, with a mission to help people sleep better.

Yes, it’s completely safe. Nightly was validated by Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland. The app itself isn’t emitting any extra waves or radiation. During the night, it plays short sounds and tracks your movement which is completely harmless. As it comes to phones feel free to turn on the airplane mode if you prefer. This way no radio waves will be emitted by the phone.

There was no contraindications or specific situations reported or discovered by Nightly users or by Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland where the app was tested. Therefore if you observe any disturbing indications connected with using Nightly app we recommend to immediately stop using the app and contact us:

There were no negative side effects reported by Nightly users or by Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland where the app was tested. However, if you observe any discomfort when using Nightly app we recommend to immediately stop using the app and contact us:

Nightly is not a medicine or a medical product. There were no adverse reactions reported by Nightly users or by Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland where the app was tested. However, if you observe any discomfort or side effects of using Nightly app we recommend to immediately stop using the app and contact us:

Nightly is not a medicine or medical product, therefore, there is no way you get physically dependent or addicted.

Insomnia can be caused by many different factors. Stress, worrying, compulsive thoughts, anxiety. The audiovisual content designed by Nightly team aims to help you unwind and relax before falling asleep. Using Nightly can neutralize stress and pull you away from negative thoughts. This way we can try to minimize the causes contributing to your insomnia.

No, Nightly isn’t designed to induce lucid dreaming. It does however encourage and give you space for writing down your dreams, which can be quite helpful in that matter.

No. Actually, it adapts to your natural sleep stages to do its job. Nightly uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to sense your movement at night. This data is then used to estimate the sleep stages and adapt the app’s activity to your needs. This way, Nightly can prevent unwanted wakeups that would diminish the efficiency of your sleep.

After downloading the app you receive 14 consecutive days and nights of free Nightly app testing. You can purchase a subscription it by clicking ‘Unlock full access’ option in the main menu. You can also do it in the iTunes Store.

The subscription gives you an unlimited access to all the app’s functions including all relaxing themes and statistics about your sleep.

The free trial lets you experience all of the benefits of Nightly. For fourteen consecutive nights, you can use the app to fall asleep easier, improve your rest and use the intelligent alarm to make your mornings smoother.

The trial version includes a choice of relaxing themes that will help you unwind and improve the efficiency of your sleep. It also gives you an insight into your sleep statistics and lets you evaluate your sleep in the short term.

To continue enjoying your Nightly experience, you can simply purchase your subscription using the ‘Unlock full access’ option in the app’s menu or through the iStore.

Within the 14-days free trial you receive 14 consecutive days in a row. This means that as soon as you use the app for the first time the 14 days trial clock starts ticking and will end after 14 days from that moment, regardless of whether you actively use the app everyday or not.