Joanna Sosnowska 4 minutes read

Nightly helped me create a kind of bedtime comfort zone – a safe haven where my thoughts are taken to a happy place.

Everyone has had trouble falling asleep. Any of dozens of reasons can make us sleeplessly linger into the wee hours of the morning – occasionally. But what if occasionally turned into usually, and the resulting lack of sleep started taking a serious toll on your business and relationship. That was Ted’s story before he met Nightly. After years of struggling with a racing mind, the app has been helping him clear his head at bedtime, and now he credits it with much more than just lulling him to sleep.

Ted is a 39-year-old entrepreneur who six years ago, with his girlfriend Inez, founded a training company. They started from nothing. Now, their modern training center is known in the city for top quality services, employing a staff of nine full-time employees and steadily growing. In the meantime, they’ve also been developing proprietary software that translates their training methods into an online tool. To sum it up, it’s been a fasten-your-seat-belts kind of thrill ride that’s lasted over half a decade, and predictably, didn’t go without consequences. Among various stress-related health symptoms, Ted’s sleep probably suffered the most.

It was about a year into it, when the business started taking off and when we hired our first full-time staff – that’s when I first started having problems falling asleep. I just couldn’t get the company out of my head. It wasn’t all worries. Often it was the excitement of succeeding and planning for the future, but nevertheless, in the morning, I would be exhausted.

At first, it was only a nuisance, but when it started happening regularly, all the symptoms of sleep deprivation started kicking in. Constant fatigue, lack of focus, irritability, and the worst, lack of creativity. Ted’s business’s success has mostly depended on his uncanny ability to achieve learning objectives through very creative training tasks. Feeling constantly sleepy, left his creativity shot and seriously started affecting his ability to grow professionally. On top of that, his constant irritability put a severe strain on his relationship with Inez, and also didn’t go unnoticed by the whole team at work.

He went to a doctor and got some sleeping pills. In the beginning, he thought that the meds would be the solution but after a very short “honeymoon period” he started feeling the side effects. Out went the pills, and Ted started seeking other advice. He read about sleep and his condition and learned about better sleep hygiene. He tried everything short of meditation – claiming that “that’s just not for him” – and even though his problems falling asleep would occasionally subside, there was nothing he could count on to reliably get him snoozing.

That is until one of Ted’s friends familiar with his problems told him about Nightly and the fact that the company was looking for people with sleep problems to test its app. Although reluctantly, Ted decided to try it.

I was skeptical at first because, to me, a mobile app was not your obvious go-to for sleep problems. But I read up on the research behind Nightly, and it made sense – no magic, just the use of sounds and images to affect my mood before and during sleep.

Ted is generally the opposite of tech-savvy, but he smoothly navigated a short sleep survey that helps initially calibrate the app to the user. After setting the alarm, the final step was to pick from a selection of Relaxing Themes. Ted selected the Rainy Night theme because even as a kid, he’d always loved the sound of a rainstorm at night. After watching the video, he repeated the audio several times, and gradually, he was able to get lost in the comforting sounds he associated with the worry-free restful nights of his childhood.

On the second night, Ted set the audio for an entire hour but didn’t get to the end before he shed his thoughts and drifted off into slumber. After a couple of days, he was able to smoothly fall asleep within half an hour. The repetitive melody mixed with the sound of raindrops would condition his mind to steer towards that rainy, sleepy feeling. Although Ted’s biggest thing was how Nightly helped him clear his mind by evoking the comforting memories of rainy nights, he also really liked the gentle sound of the app’s alarm in the morning. Within weeks, he was able to get his life back on track to where he’s able to get four to five nights of good sleep a week. Before, he would feel lucky if he got two.

Ted’s been using Nightly for four months now. And even though it seemingly simply lulls him to sleep, he credits it with getting his creativity and good mood back. Inez and the rest of the team are really thankful too.

Reclaim your night and start your day full of energy. Sleep with Nightly tonight