Joanna Sosnowska 3 minutes read

I felt the positive effects of Nightly after roughly ten days. This app has helped me a lot!

Most associate sleep problems with the inability to fall asleep. But just as big of a problem is the inability to stay asleep which can be equally distressing. That was Iga’s problem. Before she met Nightly, sleeping through the night had been virtually undoable. She tried various things to bring her relief, including sleeping pills, but nothing really did. In the end, it was Nightly’s breakthrough Sleep Stimulation technology that proved to be effective in helping Iga get her healthy sleep back.

Iga’s in her early 30s, has pink hair, a soft voice and a job in the media that demands her to be effective yet adaptable to the ever-changing landscape. Simply put, her life is intense and stressful. To add insult to injury, Iga was plagued by nightly wakeups that just wouldn’t let her get any rest and were simply ruining her life.

She’s always been a light sleeper. Any out-of-place noises would wake her up, but these awakenings were very brief and wouldn’t impact her sleep as a whole. But then she got the job in a major news outlet and with it, massive amounts of work coupled with the constant pressure of deadlines. Shortly thereafter, she started having problems with her sleep – she would wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep for hours.

At first, it was her job that so preoccupied her head that when she’d wake up, her thoughts instantly darted toward work issues, not letting her sleep.

It was getting worse, because now, the wakeups were in her head to a point where she’d have trouble falling asleep, stressing about the possibility of yet another ruined night. What compounded the problem was not only the constant fatigue but also little understanding of the problem by those around her. Some of her friends couldn’t understand the severity of her problem, often half-joking that since she woke up every night, she had lots of extra time for herself.

Lack of sleep is this weird state – something between pain, sadness and being tired. My sleep problems became so big that I had to get pharmacological help. I couldn’t cope on my own anymore.

The sleeping pills made her finally sleep through the night, but it didn’t exactly feel like quality sleep, and it came with a hefty price – they had a slew of side effects. She couldn’t drive a car, wasn’t supposed to drink, and was afraid she’d get addicted just to name a few, so she kept looking for other non-pharmacological remedies.

Then, Iga saw an article about Nightly where it was mentioned that the app was seeking testers for their brand new solution for “healthy, uninterrupted sleep” and decided to give it a go. She was instructed to use the app every night for two weeks and was told that she might have to wait anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks to see improvement. It was explained that for some people it takes a while to get used to the functioning of the app and condition the mind to be receptive to the audio-video stimulation.

Iga’s problem was that her daily anxieties manifested themselves in her disturbed sleep and then would preoccupy her thoughts making it impossible to return to slumber once awake. One of the things Nightly does, is it positively influences the mood of the user which in turn, positively impacts sleep. This involves the app’s advanced AI algorithm, which in combination with the phone’s motion tracking instruments, tells the app when to audio-stimulate the user to facilitate undisturbed sleep.

It starts with a video featuring a selected Relaxing Theme that first helps Iga unwind and clear her head, associating the sounds with some pleasant memories. Then throughout the night, the algorithm monitors the quality of her sleep to instantly intervene with the same gentle sounds as needed. The result – with the help of the suggestive audio, Iga is able to keep her mind nice and calm throughout the night and enjoy healthy sleep.

I felt the positive effects of Nightly after roughly ten days. Thanks to it, I now sleep no less than six hours straight a night. This app has helped me a lot!

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