Helping keep your nights restful & stress-free

Fall asleep without problems

Stop your mind from racing with the help from our Relaxing Themes. 69.99% of our users fall asleep faster and 72.9% of them sleep longer [1]Based on anonymous data from Nightly users who slept at least 4 nights with the app in comparison to those who slept less than 4 nights.

Reduce unwanted wake-ups

Enjoy more peaceful nights with our Sleep Stimulation technology. 70% of Nightly users experience better quality sleep [2]Based on anonymous data from Nightly users who slept at least 4 nights with the app in comparison to those who slept less than 4 nights.

Limit bad dreams

Take the stress and anxiety out of your nights. 86.7% of Nightly users do not report a single bad dream [3]Based on anonymous data from Nightly users who slept 6 and more nights with the app.

Sleep soundly with our lab-tested solution

Developed by world-class sleep experts

For three years, Nightly’s team comprising doctors, psychologists and other experts in the field of cognitive science has been creating and testing innovative ways to solve sleep problems.

Based on scientific tests & research

Nightly’s methodology is supported by sleep research from the last 25 years. Our AI algorithms, which are able to detect sleep phases and respond to vulnerabilities in real time, were created using the findings and data from our first 30-night study [4]The study was conducted at the Sleep Disorders Center at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.

accuracy compa­red to polysomnography
Easily fall asleep

Drift off to sleep with soothing videos and sounds

Nightly helps calm your thoughts and fall asleep. Our Relaxing Themes are developed to let your mind focus solely on falling asleep – just watch a relaxing video in bed and unwind listening to the soothing sounds.

I was able to fall asleep more easily. I forgot how it is to feel rested and great in the morning. And with Nightly I started feeling it again. I woke up with energy to work and to meet people – to simply live like a normal person.

Ann C.
Prevent unwanted wake-ups

Maintain a good night’s sleep

Many of your wake-ups may be a result of stress and anxiety. Nightly helps keep you calm when you are the most vulnerable – while you are sleeping. Our technology monitors your night and reacts with soothing sounds to minimize the chances of you waking up.

I started this special ritual with Nightly. I turn it on before sleep, watch the blissful images and my body and mind relaxes and begins getting in sleep mode. I sleep better and wake up rested. Another crucial piece to my new healthy living plan.

Alexandra K.
Limit bad dreams

Soften your dreams with Sleep Stimulation

When Nightly detects that you are vulnerable to a bad dream, it plays short relaxing sounds that have a calming influence on your mood while you’re asleep. This scientifically proven method helps steer clear of nighttime anxiety and bad dreams.

When I had nightmares I felt sleepy and tense. Now in the morning I feel well-rested and I have more energy. I am not afraid of nightmares anymore cause I know Nightly is there with me.

Kate R.

Reclaim your night and start your day full of energy. Sleep with Nightly tonight.

I felt the positive effects of Nightly after roughly ten days. This app has helped me a lot!


Wake-up problems

Nightly helped me create a kind of bedtime comfort zone - a safe haven where my thoughts are taken to a happy place.


Trouble falling asleep

It was amazing! Not only did I not have nightmares, but also I was able to fall asleep more easily.


Suffers from bad dreams